Forgiveness is a joy. We don't often think of it that way because usually we associate it with some pain we have suffered. But asprin reminds us of headaches, and we are not too afraid to take one if we need it. 

What worries us about forgiving is the notion that we may not be able to do it. Sometimes we put off  doing a domestic task because we think we don't have the tools to complete the job. Later, digging about in the garage we find just the right thing-a-ma-jig to make it happen. It was there all the time. 

Here's the good news, Christian: you have the thing-a-ma-jig you need to forgive. It's there in your heart right now. It's been there all the time. You are fully capable of forgiving. God made you that way because He wants you to be free of anything that would steal your peace. You are your Heavenly Father's precious child; as such, He wants to see you joyous and happy. 

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This is a book about how to forgive. Not so much about why we should forgive, or the benefits of forgiving, or the consequences of not forgiving. It's about a liberating grace called Christian forgiveness. It's simply a book about how to do it. 

The subject is approached joyously rather than somberly. It is designed to lift you up, not weigh you down. It is about your victory, not your defeat. It is about the amazing power God has hidden in you, not about your weaknesses. 

You are called to forgiveness because you are called to freedom from turmoil and anxiety. God invites you to let go of misery and enjoy His peace. He is in this with you all the way. He has aquired for you everything that you need to do the thing that is required, and to do it with a song in your heart.

You are more gifted and blessed than you can imagine. 

Read this book. Discover your joy.

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